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ITI is THE international expert!

ITI brings international exhibitors and visitors to U.S. exhibitions – and also helps U.S. organizers go abroad through geo-adapting their shows. We also assist with organizing proprietary or country pavilions.

New to International? We will train your team on the nuances of international business. Don't leave money on the table! 

Why Use Consultants?

Most organizations cannot afford a whole international team. With no added overhead or pesky employment rules, ITI offers executive experience with a global network of contacts, guaranteed to help exhibition organizers recruit and retain foreign exhibitors and visitors. 

Let ITI be Your Contact to the World!

Whether it’s identifying new markets and bringing foreign exhibitors and visitors to your shows; conference/exhibition management; exhibitor education; international sales training; or exhibition industry-related project work, ITI stands ready to help your organization grow your shows and events.

NEW PODCAST! The Exhibitionists

With Stephanie Selesnick and Antony Reeve-Crook. 

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Why Take Your Show or Event to Shanghai?

Stephanie Selesnick shares the answers at a recent XLIVE Conference.

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How to Lose New Members in 90 Days! 

A short and informative read by Stephanie Selesnick and three other amazing event professionals sharing how to welcome newbees to exhibitions and onboard new association members. Free! 

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