Recruit International Exhibitors


If you are a US exhibition with international appeal, now is the time to attract exhibiting companies from outside the US.! 

ITI will:

  • Train your sales team to sell to offshore prospects
  • Find, vet and supervise international sales agents
  • Find and foster relationships with foreign governments, associations and other show organizers

Contact us to see how ITI can help your show grow its international participation.

Retain International Exhibitors

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What's your percentage of international exhibitor churn? 

Want to lower that number - substantially? 

Exhibitions in the US have a whole different set of rules and norms than the rest of the world. We promise! The more educated international exhibitors are, the better their experience. The better the experience, the better the chances are for them to return to your show and tell their colleagues! 

Let us help educate your customer service team and foreign clients. Stop leaving money on the table! Contact us today to improve your bottom line.

US Exhibitions are Different


Unions, Drayage (Material Handling), Booth Display Rules & Regulations, and Pipe & Drape are just a few things US Exhibitions have that other countries do not. 

Let's be honest, drayage is one of those mystery things no one understands. Imagine someone from another country, who has English as a second or third language, trying to decipher the concept. It's an issue!

Let us help your team deliver meaningful, educated and outstanding service to international clients.

Related Services


  • Sell exhibit space and sponsorships into your show (various models)
  • Produce content for e-newsletters for international exhibitors and prospects.
  • Provide content for the international section of your show's web site. 
  • Present a customized "How to Exhibit Successfully in the U.S." workshop overseas. Pre-Show, One and two-day options on site and abroad are available.
  • Develop post show follow up campaigns - increasing exhibitor retention
  • Ensure international exhibitors return home with a positive experience